Bringing your visions to life

Rev specialises in very tastefully bringing older homes into the new age with open floor plans and current design trends.

More often than not, we renovate homes that are over half a century old. The standard home in the 1960s was more traditional with a closed floor plan. While this can produce private, specialized areas, such as dining, sitting, living and other such types of rooms; we prefer an open concept which invites a more modern feel where each room flows into the next.

The Benefits

Make spaces appear larger

 This is especially true for smaller homes, making small spaces less restrictive

Create space for plenty of furniture

 With less walls comes more possibilities for additional seating and their arrangement

Promote everyday living

  Family can be in separate areas but still able to interact with each other

Allows you to keep an eye on the kids

 Make sure the kids are safe or not misbehaving as dinner’s being prepared

Make room for guests

  Allowing for more seating and better socializing without separating guests in different rooms while hosting dinner parties

Spread natural sunlight

With most separating walls removed, sunlight can flow through the entire living space making for a more inviting and warm home