Mission, vision and values

REV, builder of values

For the past few years, REV has been revaluing residential & commercial properties across the region with the aim of offering a high quality product, revised and redesigned from every angle and a solid investment for future buyers.

3-1 Human values; always in the foreground

We renovate & revalue our properties to create a new way of living, combining beauty, utility and in an optimum of comfort.

3- 2 Economic values; strong long-term value

For REV, optimal property performance, sustainability and environmental responsibility are essential attributes of profitable urban growth. We are therefore as focused on maximizing the value of our properties to create solid economic value for our clients as well as for the communities in which we operate.

The experience of a leader; the sure value of real estate

REV is recognized for its expertise in upgrading its projects, its ability to recreate spaces to maximize the living areas of its projects, increase the natural light of the premises, while injecting them with current high performance technology, energy efficient glass, home automation, etc., in order to allow their future occupants to benefit from a high-caliber property at a competitive price

Recent Projects